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Making a statement: the art of handcrafting Tarska Jewellery’s unique pieces

Making a statement: the art of handcrafting Tarska Jewellery’s unique pieces

You’ve visited and picked out your favourite piece from the rare Scottish stones and timeless designs I’ve created. You’d love to place an order… So what happens next?


At Tarska Jewellery, I handcraft my designs in small, limited numbers. Each piece is unique as every stone is a little different meaning you’ll never see that exact piece of jewellery again. I’ve considered every aspect of your buying journey – from when you first discover my range on Instagram, as you browse my website, or from the moment you choose to click ‘add to cart’ – and I want to make sure you’re absolutely delighted with your purchase when you choose to support me.

As an independent jeweller, I treat each individual creation with the love and care it deserves. Each of the stones is hand-collected in Scotland, and the gold I use is recycled. Making jewellery in small runs means there’s no wastage, so I can be as sustainable as possible. Plus it ensures that you get something truly unique when you invest in your handmade jewellery.


The five stones

At Tarska Jewellery, I work with five stones which are hand-collected either by me or by a dedicated local collector with an understanding of the land and its geology. These rare native stones are found in Scotland’s dramatic hills, concealed in beautiful glens and discovered on untouched beaches.

Since ancient times, it’s been believed that the Earth’s stones and crystals are imbued with metaphysical powers, which can provide emotional and physical healing. The five stones I work with each have unique properties to help ground the wearer, connect you to nature, and offer mystical support:


  • Red Jasper, collected from the Fife and Montrose coastline, is a protective stone which is said to improve stamina, energy and determination.
  • Skye Marble is only found in one place on the planet: the Isle of Skye on the west coast of Scotland. It’s said to promote self-discipline and is helpful in decision-making. Skye Marble is often used during goal-setting, helping you to manifest the life you desire.
  • Isla Rosa is collected from the Isle of Tiree, the most westerly island of the Inner Hebrides. It’s around three billion years old, and is a stone of prosperity which is known for its ability to alleviate negative thoughts; encouraging and amplifying feelings of gratitude and revealing the benefits of a positive mindset.
  • Scottish Scapolite is discovered in the Shetland Isles, and is the jewel among calming stones; helping to restore emotional balance, imbue a sense of peace, and encourage self-discipline.
  • Chrome Spinel is found in Dumfries & Galloway. This mysterious stone can provide clarity and help you connect with your higher purpose. It’s also believed it can help you see things in a more positive light and ease panic in unpleasant situations.



Absolutely unique

Because the stones are completely natural, there are variations in colour and pattern, meaning your jewellery will be absolutely unique to you. I’m continuely creating pieces from my signature collection which are all of a minimalist design, featuring clean lines and round hand-cut stones, as well as spontaneous designs to keep things interesting. Everything is listed on my website when available for purchase and when its gone, its gone!


Casting the gold

Each piece of jewellery is crafted in recycled gold using a variety of techniques, including soldering, sawing, lost wax casting, filing and polishing before moving on to the stone preparation. The circular elements of my rings and pendants are made using an ancient method called lost wax casting. This involves pouring molten recycled gold into a mould. Once cast, these disc-shaped pieces are soldered together with the components of the ring or pendant: the band, bails and fastenings, before being buffed and polished to perfection, ready for the stone inlay.


Cutting the stone

After this, I start working with the stone, slicing it, slabbing it and cutting it down to size. All the off-cuts are kept in jars, waiting to be turned into one-of-a-kind pieces. I create the round shape by hand, grinding it down slowly, being careful to choose the best colours and patterns from the stone to make the most unique jewellery. Whether you’re after the pinkest round of Isla Rosa or the most striking slice of Chrome Spinel, I’m sure you’ll find something you love. If there’s a particular stone that you’re drawn to, let me know and I’ll keep you updated when I have pieces going up for sale so that you don’t miss out.

When I’m happy with the chosen stone, I get to work on setting it into the gold.


Stone Inlay

Inlaying the stone is the hardest part. Even a tenth of a millimetre out can mean the stone doesn’t fit into its setting, so I need to be extremely precise.

And so it begins – smoothing and checking, smoothing and checking – smoothing the edges down tiny bit by tiny bit, checking the fit continuously. When I’m absolutely confident the stone is the perfect size, I pop it on top of the gold setting and – tap tap tap – move it into place ever so gently using a stone hammer. I have to be very careful: if the stone’s measurements are just a smidge out on one side, it can crack.


Polished to perfection

The art of polishing stones has been around for millennia, and I still use many of the techniques and tools that were around in bygone days.


During polishing, I smooth the stone down so that it’s completely level with the recycled gold, to give that clean, modern look you love. This is done using seven polishing wheels, starting with the roughest grade before working up to the smoothest. With every wheel change, the stone becomes more shiny and smooth as I work to remove scratches. This time-consuming process needs a lot of patience, but feels very therapeutic. I must be meticulous – if I work too quickly, the scratches will show up at the end of the process and I’ll need to start all over again. It’s certainly a labour of love!


Some stones polish up more than others, for instance, Scapolite, Jasper and Chrome Spinel take a higher polish that glistens in the light, whereas Skye Marble and Isla Rosa tend to have more of a matte finish, although they’re still lovely and smooth.


Finishing touches

At Tarska Jewellery, I go the extra mile to make sure you receive not only a beautiful piece of handmade jewellery, but also an exceptional buying experience. Your order will be carefully wrapped and packed in my signature packaging which is a pleasure to receive and open. Your unique piece will be placed in a pouch made from pure new wool, woven in Scotland – these pouches are handmade by my mum. In the sleek black box, you’ll also find a beautifully printed stone card, telling the story of your unique piece. All the packaging is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable, reflecting my commitment to sustainability.


Uniquely yours

As you’ll probably realise by now, I’m very careful to deliver the best experience possible for people like you who choose to buy from me. At Tarska Jewellery, every piece is crafted by hand and designed to be completely unique. On my website and social channels you’ll discover a wide variety of the jewellery I have available but, for the ultimate expression of exclusivity, if you don’t see something you like then you’re invited to discover Tarska’s one-of-a-kind pieces. Sign up to the Tarska newsletter to stay informed about my latest collections and exclusive offers, including unique one-off designs.

What’s more, if there’s a specific stone that you have your heart set on, I’ll keep you updated on my latest stock so you can be the first to add it to your collection.

Thank you for supporting an independent, handmade business.



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