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The Tarska Story

Welcome to Tarska, your destination for handcrafted jewellery inspired by Scotland's enchanting landscapes. Tarska's journey began in April 2023, fuelled by my passion for adventure, the beauty of nature, and my deep creative spirit.

At Tarska, I'm dedicated to infusing your style with effortless confidence and natural beauty, through my exquisite jewellery, which features precious stones and crystals.

Tarska's story traces back to 2020, during the lockdown period when the world paused, and I had the opportunity to pursue my long-cherished dream of crafting jewellery. Unable to operate my beauty business due to restrictions, I embraced the art of jewellery making with a start-up kit from a local school and a large pile of reference books. I set up a small studio at home to immerse myself in the world of ancient lapidary techniques and fine jewellery.


Throughout my life, I've nurtured a fascination for stones and crystals, amassing a treasured collection over the years. Combining my passion for gemstones with my desire to create, I decided to incorporate some of these stones into my jewellery designs. The Victorian era's love of Scottish pebble jewellery, with its polished flat stones of Scottish Agates, Jaspers, and Bloodstones, also left a mark on my imagination ...

And so - after blood, sweat, tears, and lots of water everywhere (the joys of learning lapidary - the ancient art of stone-cutting!) - the first collection of Tarska Jewellery was created.


At Tarska, my mission is to showcase the inherent beauty of the stones I adore while honouring and respecting the land from which they originate. My debut collection features five of my personal favourites, carefully selected to share their ethereal allure with you.

Every stone in Tarska Jewellery's range is hand-collected, lovingly sourced by local collectors, geologists, and myself, ensuring that each piece holds a unique story. With painstaking dedication, I cut and polish these stones by hand at my studio nestled in historic Falkirk, at the heart of Scotland.


Tarska draws its inspiration from Tarskavaig, a tiny crofting village which clings to the coastline on the Sleat peninsula of Skye, often revered as 'the Garden of Skye.' The rugged beauty of the name perfectly complements my jewellery, which draws inspiration from the raw, spiritual essence of the Scottish terrain.

For me, Tarskavaig carries special significance, as it's where my beloved Nana was born and raised. Fond memories of her teaching me Gaelic phrases as a child have inspired the names of all the pieces in collection, serving as a heartfelt tribute that echoes the rich cultural heritage of Scottish Gaelic.

At Tarska, I aspire to adorn you with timeless pieces that not only exude elegance but also resonate with the spirit of Scotland's breathtaking landscapes. Embrace Tarska's sublime jewellery and discover how it can elevate your style, add a touch of magic to every moment of your life.

Thanks for supporting an independent, female founded Scottish jewellery business.

From my heart and hands to yours,


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