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Behind every stone there's a story.

Every story began thousands, perhaps millions, of years ago amid Scotland’s diverse landscape; a land that’s as unforgiving as it is unforgettably beautiful.

Every stone is different; each has its own mystical power, and eternal secret.

Red Jasper

The fife and montrose coastline

Known as the ‘stone of endurance’ red jasper is used to increase stamina, focus and determination. Consider it your trusty companion for improving performance whether it’s a physical challenge or you just need a bit of a boost.

Red jasper is regarded as an extremely protective and intuitive stone. use it to bring problems to light and provide insight in difficult situations or during times of change.

Isla rosa

The Isle of Tiree, Inner Hebrides

Estimated to be around three billion years old, this highly motivating stone can only be found on the faraway Isle of Tiree, the most westerly island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland.

Isla Rosa is believed to alleviate negative thoughts, encouraging and amplifying feelings of gratitude and revealing the benefits of a positive mindset.
the ‘stone of prosperity’, Isla Rosa is often used to help guide decisions and deals, especially when it comes to business and finances.

Skye Marble

Loch Slapin, The Isle of Skye

Found exclusively on the Isle of Skye, on Scotland’s rugged west coast, this unique marble stone was formed over five-hundred-million years ago.

A highly encouraging stone, Skye marble promotes self-discipline and is often used during goal setting, helping you to manifest the life you desire.

Chrome Spinel

Lowland Hills, Dumfries and Galloway

As beautiful as it is rare, this leopard print crystal rock will help unveil talents relating to your career or hobbies by bringing about clarity and helping you connect with your higher purpose.

It may help you see things from a different angle or in a more positive light.

Gold chunky rings stone
Chrome spinel is known for its grounding effects on the emotions, but also for its ability to ease panic in unpleasant situations.
A deeply mysterious stone, it embraces fortitude, seeing you through on your journey.


The Shetland Isles

The jewel among calming stones.

Scapolite is often used to help restore emotional balance, and it’s deeply calming effects will be sure to soothe a tired mind.

A very rare stone, Scapolite is closely linked to positive changes and attaining goals by encouraging self discipline and dispelling bad habits.
Described as a stone with a ‘strength of purpose’ Scapolite encourages perseverance when learning new skills.

Since ancient times gemstones, minerals and crystals have been utilised for healing purposes.

It is believed that during historic times humanity discovered that individuals felt better mentally, emotionally and physically when they were at a location where particular kinds of stones were found.

By wearing stone jewellery we can connect back to nature, which can have a grounding effect.

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